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Every business needs customers. Our job is to bring you customers.

We use the internet and technology to bring quality prospects to you.

Digital Marketing Services

Here is what we can do for you:

Managed Advertising

We will manage and optimize your entire online advertising process.

Monthly Price: $300/mo

Your Monthly Advertising Spend: $2000

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Digital Marketing Consulting

Get the answers, strategies and contacts you need from an expert in digital marketing.

Hourly Price: $80/hr


Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization

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Turnfire News & Updates - February 6, 2016

Turnfire.com New Website

To prepare for the startup of Turnfire Digital Marketing, we’re building a new website! The new website is built from scratch, designed for ease of use on mobile and desktop — and organized to be easy to find what you want.  Rather than having 4-5 pages for things like ‘about us’ or ‘contact,’ we’ve decided… View Article

Turnfire News & Updates -

The Startup Of Turnfire Digital Marketing

It’s been a long time coming.  I bought the domain name Turnfire.com over a decade ago with the purpose of branding my future marketing company. Until now, this brand has been used for testing and experimentation — meanwhile I’ve spent thousands of hours learning, developing and measuring everything regarding marketing on the internet.  I’ve worked… View Article

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Our Story

Our Core Principles:

  • Every 'client' is a partner.
  • Every marketing effort should have a positive return-on-investment.
  • Quality is more valuable than quantity.

Every business needs customers. Yes, we know - we're stating the obvious here. That's because it's a really important point and one that is central to understanding why we are doing what we do.

Turnfire Digital Marketing exists for the simple purpose of bringing customers to your business. We call 'clients' our partners and treat them as such, making the best decisions to meet your goals. Our role is to assist you in navigating the complex digital landscape -- breaking down that complexity into simple and actionable strategies.

Our approach is unique in this competitive industry. We empower our clients by offering knowledge along with results -- and only offer services we know will be worth your investment. We'll never lock you in with contracts or misdirect you with technical information.

Whether you work with us for a year, or have a single conversation, we want to be a part of your journey towards success -- and we want you to be a part of ours too.

Turnfire Digital Marketing is based in the small, beautiful town of Collingwood, just off the shores of Georgian Bay. We're proud to be located in a quiet area that's close to nature -- but our ambition, skills and results are all 'big city.' Every day we're looking to push the boundaries and discover creative new ways to solve your problems. Matched with our decades of career experience in all things digital marketing, there are not many challenges we can't overcome.

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