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Managed Advertising

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Why should I use this service?

Our managed advertising service provides a turn-key advertising solution for businesses of all sizes. Everything we do is focused on bringing you new customers through digital channels.

Those are promises you'll hear a lot - but we actually mean it. Your success is how we measure our own, through new customers, increased sales and your return-on-investment. Our entire business is built around this core service and we take pride in the results.

When working with us, you're a parter -- not a client. There are no surprises, no contracts or quotes. Our success is intertwined and your goals become our goals.

We provide the same quality of service whether you're spending $500 or $50,000 a month. Our flexible pricing model is affordable and competitive, no matter how much you spend.

Whether you're a small startup or a national brand, we would love to work with you!

What is included with this service?

  • Ad Campaign and Landing Page Development
  • Ongoing Optimization of Complete Advertising Funnel
  • Monitoring and Analysis of User Behaviour
  • Weekly and Monthly Reporting

Who will this service benefit most?

  • Businesses with high-margin products or services.
  • Businesses that have the capacity and resources to grow quickly.

Our Managed Advertising Process

While the details of each service are different based on needs, we follow a general process for each new partner:

  • Step 1: Discovery
  • Step 2: Analysis
  • Step 3: Strategy & Schedule
  • Step 4: Development & Implementation
  • Step 5: Ongoing Monitoring, Optimization and Reporting

Once we reach step 5, your campaigns will be up and running, generating new leads for you to turn into customers. Every month we learn more about your customers and how to better serve them. We'll always share our unique data and insights -- and apply this information to keep your campaigns running at their maximum potential.

Step 1: Discovery
The discovery process starts with a survey which tells us the critical details we need to build an advertising strategy. During this stage we learn about your business, your customers and what you offer them.

Step 2: Analysis
During the analysis stage, we build a profile of your target audience and study your competition. By doing this we can zero in on a viable strategy that meets your advertising objectives.

Step 3: Strategy
After the discovery and analysis, it's time to put everything we've learned into an actionable plan. During this stage we craft a custom strategy for your business, planning out the details and the schedule for implementation.

Step 4: Development
It's time to take action! During this stage we implement our strategy, creating the ad campaigns and associated landing pages. Once your landing pages are online, we install a collection of tools to perform split tests and capture useful information.

Step 5: Ongoing Monitoring, Optimization and Reporting
The final stage repeats each month when your ad campaigns are running. We go through a process of learning, optimizing and measuring the results until your campaigns are performing at their maximum. This involves analyzing the performance, creating new variations and testing them. This process will help to reliably maximize the performance while staying up-to-date with changes in the industry or user behaviour.

What does the service cost?

Our monthly pricing is flexible and affordable, no matter how much you spend. Use the slider below to find out your monthly cost for this service.

We use a simple formula to determine monthly pricing:
($50 Base) + (10% of Your Monthly Ad Spend) + ($50 x # of Ad Channels)

Monthly Price: $300/mo

Your Monthly Advertising Spend: $2000

(Drag to select your monthly ad spend.)

Select Your Ad Channels:

AdWords Search
AdWords Display
Direct Buys

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a minimum contract?
    We don't believe in locking our partners in with contracts. You're free to leave at any time. It's our belief that when working with us, you'll get results, build a great relationship and grow your business -- so you'll have no reason to leave.

  • Why use flexible pricing instead of a fixed monthly price?
    Our pricing model is flexible for two reasons. First, we believe in a performance based payment system -- and as your business and budgets grow, so will ours. Second, the flexible pricing provides a fair rate for businesses of all sizes.

  • I already have a landing page or website that works well. Will you use it?
    This can vary for each business, so we will make that decision after a review and speaking with you. We provide the landing pages for our campaigns because it enables us to have full control over testing and measurement. If we decide to work with your current website or landing page, we'll require access to edit your files or be limited in our ability to optimize your campaigns.

  • Are there any upfront or hidden costs?
    We ask for the base costs upfront on the first month, which is $50 base plus $50 for each ad channel. At the end of the first month, you'll only be billed based on your advertising spend -- after which billing takes place once at the end of each month. Lastly, if your ads require the creation of custom art (display channels), we facilitate the creation of these images at cost -- roughly $75 per ad.

  • Is there a monthly cost to host these landing pages?
    All landing pages we create as part of your campaign are hosted on our premium, fast and reliable servers. We can use a domain name that you provide or assist you in finding the best domains available for registration. The cost of hosting is included in the monthly pricing.

  • How will I capture these leads? Where will that data go?
    This can also vary for each business. How do you utilize the lead information? We can send it directly to your email or work with you to store that information in an top-notch CRM.

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